Type A, upholstered bar lounge

upholstered bar lounge
custom-sized upholstered lounge

Design of type A bar lounge

Type A lounge is an upholstered unit designed for a cafe, club or a restaurant. The body of the lounge is minimalistic and elegantly simple. The elegance is emphasized only by delicate, vertical quilting on the backrest. The seat is completely smooth. The lounge is supported on square legs. The legs can be either satin, chromed or wooden and painted in any colour.

There are many types and hundreds of colours of upholstery

The lounge can also be manufactured using any type of upholstery. We can make lounges with artificial or natural leather or a fabric. All natural leathers in our collection are imported from Italian tanneries and are of top quality. We offer hundreds of various types of fabrics. Apart from standard fabrics, we also offer Spanish fabrics with Aqua Clean system that are perfect in commercial premises because they are easy to clean and have increased abrasion resistance.

Design of the lounge seat

We use only top-quality materials to build the seat. As a standard, the seat consists of: a layer of high-resilience belts ensuring elasticity of the seat, protective felt ensuring durability, corrugated springs ensuring sitting comfort, as well as several layers of foam (T-30/T-40/K-35) that further increase the comfort of the lounge. The frame is made of solid spruce wood together with furniture board and carpentry board.

Dimensions of the lounge

Type A lounge can be made in any dimensions to suit your premises. Of course, before commencing the work our experts take measurements of your premises and prepare suitable lounge designs. Of course, we can also make lounges on the basis of your own designs. The lounge can be made in almost any size, whereas the suggested dimensions of type A lounge are as follows:

  • Backrest heights: 100 cm
  • Seat heights: 40 cm
  • Lounge depth: 80 cm