Restaurant lounge from the manufacturer, type I

Custom-sized lounge for restaurants, cafes

Design of type I lounge

Type I restaurant lounge is a very elegant and subtle design. It is an excelent choice for restaurants and cafes with balanced taste and aesthetics. Type I club lounge decorates the interior of Anders hotel, for which this design was made. It is characterized by the lack of quilting, decorative stitching or other ornaments. Elegant simplicity is the trademark of this model. Upholstered seat is placed on a wooden base with matching colour.

Details of the construction of the seat

The construction frame is made by combining furniture board, carpentry board and solid coniferous wood. The upholstered elements are fixed to such a solid construction. The seat has been designed so that it lasts for many years despite increased wear. Therefore, it consists of as many as five layers, i.e.: resilient belts, protective felt, corrugated springs, T-30 or T-40 foam with increased hardness, soft K-35-R High Resilience Foam with excellent durability parameters.

Colours of the cafe lounge

The construction of the lounge can be upholstered with any type of upholstery. In exclusive premises, we recommend using natural leather. All of our leather types are imported from Italian tanneries and we guarantee their top quality. We also offer artificial leather, ideal for more economical variants of interior furnishing. In our offer, you can also find hundreds of top-quality fabrics.

Custom-sized lounges

The dimensions of the restaurant lounge are adjusted to your design and wish. Due to the fact that we are the manufacturer of club lounges, we can make them in any dimensions suited to the needs of specific commercial premises. Suggested dimensions of type I lounge are given below:

  • Height of backrest and sides: 110 cm
  • Seat height: 45 cm
  • Lounge depth: 80 cm