Restaurant lounge, type F

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Design of the restaurant lounge

The backrest and the seat of the lounge are decorated with original quilting in rectangular pattern. Modernist quilting give the sofa and original and exclusive look. The quilting is also very practical as it protects the upholstery material from wrinkling over time. The lounge is supported on a wooden base.

Club sofa upholstery types

The colour of the upholstery is completely up to you. We offer several dozens of various fabrics, artificial and natural leather to choose from. We also offer excellent, washable fabrics with Aqua Clean system. All natural leathers in our collection are imported from Italian tanneries and are of top quality.

Construction of type F restaurant sofa

The frame of the lounge is made of solid spruce wood combined with furniture board and carpentry board. In our company we use our best efforts to ensure that the seats in our lounge is as comfortable as possible, but also that it can serve its purpose for many years due the commercial nature of the piece. In order to ensure durability with increased level of wear, several layers must be used in the seat. Therefore, in our lounges the seat consists of: a layer of high-resilience belts ensuring elasticity of the seat, protective felt ensuring durability, corrugated springs for sitting comfort, as well as several layers of foam (T-30/T-40/K-35) that further increase the comfort of the lounge.

Standard dimensions

Just as any other models, type F club lounge is manufactured according to your instructions. On the basis of mutual agreements, we prepare a project for you to be used when making the complete set. We also offer professional help with regard to taking measurements on your premises. The standard dimensions are presented below:

  • Backrest height: 100 cm
  • Seat height: 40 cm
  • Lounge depth: 80 cm