Frequently asked questions

Vieri Divani - what company it is?

This is a question we hear often at our stores. The name of our retail stores can be misleading as it originated from Italian language. However, the company is Polish, has a long carpentry tradition and originates from Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - the heartland of furniture industry in southern Poland. Natural leather and some upholstery fabrics are, indeed, Italian.

Are there any additional charges for changing the dimensions?

Our Clients often ask this question when they hear that we make custom-sized furniture at individual requests. As we specialize in such services, we do not charge extra for changing the dimensions. In the case of upholstered furniture, changes in dimensions within the limit of 20 cm do not affect the price of the basic model from the price list. Other dimensions are calculated on the basis of running meters of a given upholstery for a specific model of leisure furniture. In the case of living room furniture or other veneered furniture, each dimension that differ significantly from the dimension offered by us must be calculated individually depending on the proposed changes. If the changes concern the dimensions only, it is calculated just as in the case of upholstered furniture. However, different dimensions in such type of furniture often force us to make design changes, which entails the need for individual pricing.

Are we going to local research?

Our company has been specializing in the manufacture of club furniture for years, therefore we guarantee professional service in this area. If you do not have a ready design, we can visit your premises to take professional measurements. Then we prepare the design and the cost estimation. The last step is the manufacture of the loung with dimensions that suit your premises best.