Comfortable club sofa, Type E

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Design of the restaurant lounge

The backrest of type E club lounge has a characteristic finishing in the form of half-round rolls that improve comfort and give the unit a very original and exclusive touch. This backrest finishing method requires a very precise and professional work. In order to achieve this effect, specially cut backrest profiles are used. The smooth seat rests on a wooden base.

Club sofa upholstery types

Our wide offer includes top-quality natural Italian leather, much more economical artificial leather, as well as several hundred of textiles with varied, unique textures and colours.

Construction of type E restaurant sofa

The lounge is based on a solid wood frame and a furniture board. As many as 5 different materials are used to build the seat, including polyurethane foams, corrugated springs and upholstery belts.

Dimensions of the lounge

You can choose the dimensions of the lounge freely. We will match it to your design or suggestions. We offer professional help of our employees while taking measurements of the premises and drawing up the design. Standard type E club lounge dimensions:

  • Backrest height: 100 cm
  • Seat height: 40 cm
  • Lounge depth: 80 cm